New Clients Feel at ease, we are here to help

Thank you for your interest in MPowered Pilates. As a newcomer to Pilates, we understand that you have may have a number of questions about what to expect for your first training session with us. We have put together this quick guide to ease you into experiencing Pilates with us.

Come 10-15 minutes early

This gives us time to have you complete a couple of forms and give you a tour of the studio.  This is a great opportunity to get oriented with us.

Dress Comfortably

Typically t-shirts, tank tops, sweat or yoga pants are best.  We try to keep the studio at a comfortable temperature for everyone but feel free to bring layers.  Most people do their Pilates without shoes, but we’re fine with whatever you are comfortable with.  If you would like to wear socks, be sure to choose ones with rubber grips – we require them.

If you are with us on a regular basis, you are welcome to leave a small bag of workout clothes at the studio.  While space is limited, we will try to accomodate everyone.

If you forget your socks, we understand and keep an assortment at the studio for your to borrow and toss in the hamper at the end of your session.

We are cellphone friendly

Most  of our clients are parents, or in the middle of a busy workday.  We understand the that sometimes you need to be reached for emergencies so feel free to leave your mobile on a light ring or vibrate setting.  We just ask that you step outside to conduct your conversation.


We kindly request that you cancel your appointment more than 24 hours in advance so your instructor may attempt to fill that time.  In cases of contagious illness though, we prefer for you to rest and our instructors will make an exception to this policy.

Refund Policy

We cannot refund transactions but we will certainly welcome the transferring of sessions or classes on your account to other types or other people.  We’ll even take what is left on your account and make a gift certificate so you can gift it to a friend.